A group of 9 Early Stage Researchers will be trained within world leading research teams. They will be introduced to novel approaches and applications while exploiting advances in fundamental research. To “enable” this vision, each trainee will join a team of closely integrated world-class experts in mechanical science, materials science and computer science/numerical methods.

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All institutions are involved in ESR supervision. Each ESR will have an academic secondment in another country and an industrial co-supervisor. All non-academic partners are also involved in supervising the doctoral students throughout the project.

Similarly, due to the specificities of each country or industrial organisation, all partners are involved in training through secondment, short-duration specific training programmes and workshops.

It is of the utmost importance that barriers between the academic and non-academic sectors are broken down in order to realise the full potential of research for the benefit of the economy and society. The first synergy was at the writing stage of the proposal: a co-construction process was implemented. The objective was to better take into account industrial considerations and to conduct more applied research, thereby helping to overcome the mutual ignorance that exists between academia and the private sector. Next, the ESR transnational and transectoral secondment will serve to create additional synergy between academic and non- academic sectors, and to make research market oriented. Several project partners (Core partners: ENSAM, SAF, LOR, TEC, Associate partners: SIR, IPC, GKN, UPV, UBx) were involved in the KIC21 Added Value Manufacturing project, whose challenge was to integrate “the knowledge triangle” into value added manufacturing. This proposal which was unfortunately rejected, (the consortium will apply again to get funding as soon as possible) created a strong synergy between those partners who are definiely convinced of the benefits of associating research education and innovation to strengthen European economy and create jobs.


Nable Von Enable
Sara Marin
Olivier Cahuc
Dimitri Jacquin
Charlotte Frolund Ilvig
Jacky Lecomte
Amaia Torregaray
Madalina Calamaz
Catherine Froustey
Sandra Guerard
Yvon Millet
Lars-Erik lindgren
Ainara Gonzalez
Alain Jacot
Alberto Echeverria
Amevi Tongne
Arancha Zarraga
Arjen Roos
Christian Garnier
Christian Rey
Corinne Arvieu
Didier Croizet
Edurne Iriondo
Egoitz Aldanondo
Emilie Le-Guen
Eric Lacoste
Esther Gutierrez
Fernando Veiga
Franck Girot
Frederic Feyel
Gilles Dessein
Hyung-Jun Chang
Johan Jansson
Kais Ammar
Maria San Sebastian
Mariluz Penalva
Marina Fazzini
Matthieu Maziere
Oihane Beloki
Paul Akerstrom
Philippe Darnis
Raphaël Royer
Raynald Laheurte
Samuel Forest
Stefan Cedergren
Thierry Dormal
Thomas Joffre
Tonya Rose
Unai Alonso
Vincent Wagner
Olivier Rigo
Stéphanie​ Vandermeersch
Trunal Bhujangrao
Raffaele Russo
Vikram Phalke
Tamara Dancheva
Marie-Anna Moretti
Danilo Ambrosio
Haythem Zouabi
Pinku Yadav
Biswajit Dalai
Miriam Garcia
Adam Johns


Olivier Cahuc

- UBx -

Gilles Dessein

- ENIT -

Yvon Millet


Raphaël Royer

- Sandvik-

Lars-Erik Lindgrend

- LTU -

Egoitz Aldanondo

- IK4 Lortek-

Thomas Joffre

- IPC -

Johan Jansson

- BCAM -

Samuel Forest

- MinesParistech -

Maryluz Penalva / Fernando Veiga

- Tecnalia -